Grime: Excretions from the pituitary

by Ninnylickers

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released January 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Ninnylickers Hastings On Hudson, New York

my name in Ånj,

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Track Name: Fingernails
The burden in my brain
Keeps me pacified
I'm still alive

Waver on the line
It is on my mind
All the time

And I vacillate
All this time I waste
Always blaming fate

But I know
The beast awaits.

Scraping scraps of scum
I am feeling smart
But acting dumb

Bitches bite the bait
My salad days
Will soon deflate

All the ladies fixed
On losing weight

My mind is occupied
By big mistakes.

But fickle you will find
What it is that's in my mind...
Track Name: Tasty
The tip of my tongue
Is tasting your temptation
Deep within my blood
And giving me sensations

Thick with salivation
And hot anticipation
But you don't let me win.

Liquify my lips and lap up the disaster
Taking what I wish and throwing out the wrapper

But goodbye, my summer sneakout
My dry eyes, are fine without

Digitize my piercing eyes
Tranquilize my guts insides
All my gory glory can't decide
Or define

Stranded high and dry
My mind begins to slither
My manic state subsides
But worse is soon delivered

Untied and worse for wear
Imply that I don't care.

But we both know.

I'm lying.
Track Name: Thyme
There is dirt in my head
My lover's busy dreaming
In a burning bed.

I thought that I knew
That my lovin' days were through
But I'm back again.

Lactic acid in my heart
It's been overused
And misconstrued
From the start

As my heart beings to thaw
And my feelings I withdraw
But I can't decide.

All my indecision
Fueled by intuition
My cautiousness fools me every time
My callousness rules my minds eye

There's a fire in my blood
I am trying now
But I'm being drowned in the flood

As the sky evaporates
And I give myself to fate:
The devine beloved

Oh the gold dust in your hair
All my words cannot compare
To your holy love.

All these feelings are recycled
As we continue down the road
Of this fickle cycle

Oh my heartache still malingers
Too scared to stretch your hands
And stretch your fingers
Track Name: Slush
Chaffing, lubrication, masturbation
All part of this fit
Salivation, concentration, sweet temptation
Surrounding it

And I see the apple hanging,
It is dangling
But it tastes like shit.
And all I want an answer to
Was it worth it?

In my membrane, they are swimming
All of my fears
All I want is self evaluation
So that everything clears

My eyes they all have X's
While I'm scraping off all the veneer.
And that silly conversation
Only proving our own cavalier.

I'm just a Waterlily
In the end
I don't condone your bad behavior
Nor am I trying to defend.

In a state of stupidity I want it all to amend.

In a state of clarity I want it all to end.

I'm just a Waterlily in the end.
Track Name: Been or Bean
Well hello again once more
Been caught sleeping
With a whore

Smelly socks
Half open door
Amplified, just like before

Holy high
Open up and come inside
Spread your legs
And spread your thighs
Lurid dreams
And Russian spies

Headed to the heartbreak hotel
Heard Elvis is there
With some pennies by a well
I'll see you later
If only I go to hell

Track Name: Woolly Willy
Wear the wool
Wade in the water
Please don't pitter patter
On the sidewalk
Like the golden rain

Hold my hair
Rip out your wrinkles
Swallow words
Like tickle tinkle
We all fall down in pain

Oh your ears look lovely
Please scatter my skin

Fondel feelings
So misleading
Forge my fortress
Nose still bleeding
We all want
Summer rain

I hate that I induce a
Pumping pain

Oh your ears look lovely
Please ignore my cactus heart
You have very pretty fingers
But I must stop this golden start

And you know
Where my heart
Wants to go
But we both know
It's in vain.

You're covered in slime
And your body isn't mine
For I'm just
Causing you pain