EP- Effervescent Pituitary

by Ninnylickers

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This is a little EP (effervescent pituitary) just two little tunes to twiddle up a teeny-tiny tornado for your ears alone. once again, songs of love so don't get too excited, because it seems those are the only songs i can write.


released January 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Ninnylickers Hastings On Hudson, New York

my name in Ånj,

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Track Name: The Golden Hour (Tacoma)
Lustful lady in disguise
What once was yours is mine
Feelings that decayed with passing time

And all my woes woo me
As I'm caught within a gale of self pity
All I can do is breathe
And blink my eyes a couple times to see
And change my mind a hundred times a week

Hold my body
Hold me right
As the golden hour fades into the night
And the loosely fitted floral sheet feels tight

As the young heart beats
And the young blood flows
When the forces can't compete
As far as I know

Oh, Tacoma
I want to get to know ya
I want to hold ya
And also scold ya

And love is powerful potion
Side effects include commotion
And feelings still fiercely linger
And decisions are like chopping off fingers

While I'm alone with my own body
Remembering what once had bound me
And memories unkempt and unclear
Offer me their plastic souvenirs

Oh, Tacoma
Bathe my soul and bathe my soma.
Track Name: Mon Petit Pois
Fire in the fire place
Red, hot cheeks and a rosy face
I want the drink, I've had the taste
But it's not the time or place

In the kitchen melting snow
As I wear your mothers plaid poncho
I act like I don't even know
How it feels to be alone

Icicles hang from the roof
Taking pictures as our proof
The firewood has all been used
And red hot touches turn to blues

I hope I don't fall down the stairs
All dressed up in winter ware
Acting like I just don't care
But I'd love to love you dear
But I'd love to love you baby

Mon petit pois x3